Sunday, April 19, 2015

Leaving a legacy of love...

Good morning all-

I'm getting ready to go to church but before I left; I just had to write to you.  Yesterday, I put on a wedding shower for my daughter-in-law to be.  I have watched her grow over the last six years and have loved every minute of it.  As it is with brides and mothers-in-laws, I have to learn my place in my kids lives but I'm learning and my prayer is that we will continue to have great respect and love for one another.

I think what I loved about yesterday the most was the memories we made.  The fruit butterfly reminded me of my mom, the tulips reminded me of spring and the friendship and chatter of young women reminded me that we all go through seasons.  Life changes day to day and year to year but there is one thing that always remains in any season, we are loved.  We may not feel it from our family, friends and co-workers but we are so loved.  I held the shower for Saras because her family lives far away and I wanted to remind her that she has two families that she can count on.  However, she actually has three: Jesus, hers and ours.  Jesus loved us so much and left a legacy of that love.  He didn't make a fruit butterfly, He made the butterfly and the flowers, birds, bees and all the creatures that remind us that life comes and goes in seasons.

My legacy will hopefully be similar to my moms.  I want to leave a footprint on my boys, their wives and their children that love conquers all and that Jesus is the reason we live.  That's my goal for myself and for those that read this blog.  Jesus called us to love in every season so we must abide by that and show the world that love conquers all!

I normally leave Scripture but today, I want you to send a Scripture that means something to you.  I have a friend that is about to be divorced and she feels crushed on every side.  It's hard to just say, "I love you."  I have to show her through God's word.  So I sent her Psalm 91 and 2 Corinthians 4:8.  She feels crushed but through Jesus she doesn't have too.  Scripture is the most powerful way to show our friends, family and strangers what true love is.  Man made love is fallible, fickle and often crushing.  God's love is powerful and continues to leave a legacy full of love and sacrifice.  Please take a moment to encourage someone and show them that they are not alone.

With that, be well my beautiful sisters and start sharing with me the power Jesus has in your life.  Don't be scared!  I want to hear from you and know how God is working in your lives.

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