Monday, May 2, 2016

Inspiration through Scripture...

Good morning all-

I'm inspired today and that's because I started with my devotional and thanking our Lord and Savior.  I realize more and more that every minute must be dedicated to at least thinking about what He has to say to me. So with that in mind and knowing where my mind often goes, I'm thinking more and more about Him and the result is inspiration through His word.

No matter where we go today, we can get our hands on Scripture.  We are extremely lucky!  Soon China will lock down, the Middle East will be hard pressed and North Koreans can forget it. In 2016, there are still underground churches and the people that make them up have to be inspired and how do they get that way, by reading the words that were left behind.  Many enemies have tried to crush the Word of God but no one has and no one ever will.  And although I feel like the world is turning back to a barbaric time, I realize that each event inspires us to pray more, seek more and ask the Lord we love to bring light on a fallen world.

Fears are all around.  Many have turned off what is happening in the world, which in my opinion is a mistake.  We must hear the cries so that we might pray and seek the Lord for redemption and deliverance.  Imagine a world where we all turned the other way, it wouldn't be good.  Even Moses, who was raised in the house of a King, eventually could not turn his eyes from the destruction of human life.  Why should we be any different?  We shouldn't.  We should read the words of Jesus, Paul, Peter and John and remember that we are to love, to pray and to read so that God can inspire in us a heart like His.

I know what it's like to live with fear and I know what it's like to demolish that fear by being obedient to Christ.  Walking in faith is so much more powerful than walking in fear and yet, we choose fear over faith more often.  I'm not criticizing, I'm proclaiming that I understand if you do that because I fall into it too. 

Every day we must read our Bibles, think about what Christ is saying and use it to break the bonds that live inside of us.  The Word is inspired and we must live by drinking the water it provides to our hearts and minds.  It should be our drug of choice and God should be the leader we choose over any man.  It's time we were inspired to step out of our comfort zones and move toward a God that truly inspires greatness, love and mercy.  We need Jesus to reign all over the world and we need our brothers and sisters to have power through our prayers so that they may lead the lost to the fountain.  Jesus is waiting for us to be inspired so if you want to be inspired, choose to read daily!

Pick a Scripture and read it today!!!!!!!!!!!!

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