Friday, October 28, 2016

Delving deeper...

Good morning my sisters-

Today I want to talk to you about delving deeper. What do I mean?  I mean delving into our souls, our thoughts and God's truth.  The Word is the source that takes away the old and brings in the new. Are you feeling down?  Do you lack purpose?  Are the stresses of work, marriage and children getting you down?  Maybe you are single and tired, has that made you wish for something different?

Life has a way of getting us down.  We do a great job of that too.  We fill our life with things that take our time, or we sleep, or we run so fast that God can't possibly penetrate our hearts.  All those things won't fill you and they won't help you out of the spot you're in right now.

The only way we can truly find God and ourselves is to delve deeper.  We need to do a self-diagnosis and God has to be our physician. The Bible speaks that the heart is fickle.  It is for sure.  I know that between my heart and mind I can paint a pretty bleak picture.  Most days I can stay positive through any circumstance but a series of events can take me from positive to weary, that is, depending on how I started my day.

I have recognized over the years that the fears and worries I have experienced are directly related to how much I have filled myself with the Word, the Lord and His purpose.  When I don't, that glass gets half empty quickly.  I will question everything and often, it leads to me thinking that I just haven't done enough.  But over the last year, as I spent hours searching the Lord and Scripture;
I found that by filling my soul with the Word, capturing every thought, I could take a bad day and fill it with Jesus.  Delving deeper into my heart has helped me self-diagnose faster and using Scripture for healing has taken me from despair to rejoicing.

Most people are scared to look in.  They think that they will crumble.  That's why so many Christians go from joy at the time they accept Jesus, to great despair.  Jesus is cleansing us from our world views and that's uncomfortable for us.  We don't want to lean on anyone.  We don't need to be dependent.  The world teaches us that we don't need anyone but ourselves but that's a huge lie.  We need a Savior, a purpose and a path.  He calls us by name and He leads us by still waters.

Is life difficult?  Absolutely it is.  Just think if you took that difficulty and gave it to Jesus.  What if you asked the Lord, "What do you want me to learn from this difficult time?"  Why does it have to be bad that we don't feel all warm about our lives?  Maybe that's our first indicator that our Lord is healing us from the inside, out.

These concepts were foreign to me until my journey last year.  I never wanted to be dependent on anyone.  I always wanted to believe that I didn't need people and I didn't believe I held sin in my heart. All of those things were completely inside of me and they were lies.  Those lies kept me from realizing that Jesus is my provider, He makes my path straight, and in all things I must surrender. By living my life that way I was able to come clean.  I recognized my pride, my performance based nature and the fact that I believed it was me that created success.  The realization was difficult and often heart wrenching but by delving deeper in the Word, I saw it, I understood it and I repented of it. The results have been amazing.  I now love delving deeper.  I love seeing what God wants me to work on.  I don't worry as much, I definitely don't fear as much and I have courage. Oh and I give Jesus all the credit.  I will never achieve without Him.  This philosophy varies from my former self and I have walked with Jesus for years.

So here's my challenge to you.  Ask the Holy Spirit what in your heart needs to be addressed.  You may have to give up running and sit still.  You might have to change your belief system in achievement or pride.  You may need to pray for a month before you figure out what's been holding you back but I promise you, spend some time with God and He will reveal it.  Quit being a victim or blaming your spouse.  Don't look at your best friend or others.  Stop running and address your heart, it will be totally worth it and most of all, challenge yourself to fill your cup with Scripture to fight against being part of the world. He's waiting.

Psalm 139:23
Search me, O God, and know my heart: try me, and know my thoughts

Be well my sisters and delve deeper!

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