Sunday, March 4, 2012

March 4, 2012

When I started this blog so many days ago, I wondered if I could actually stay true.  My life is full of ballgames, work, and just every day life.  I am no different than any woman reading this.  But something happened to me in December of last year, my father was dying and I realized he could leave this earth and not know Jesus.  It was an overwhelming time for me because I love Jesus and although we had some conversations around Jesus; I was never sure he really heard me.  I made a promise that day, to not only live for Jesus, but to speak for Jesus.  It's one thing to pray in silence, encourage your friends and love people; it's a whole different situation to speak on behalf of God.

As I sat by my father's bedside praying for the Lord to come to him in dreams, believing that God was bigger than man and hoping that He would reveal himself mightily; I realized that I could never be silent again.  Living what you believe is one thing but truly speaking it is another. This world is a cruel place and I don't know too many of us that like rejection.  I am all about loving people but at the end of the day; I want them to love me back.  For me, waiting in my dad's room made me realize that no matter how strong the rejection, I would never be silent again.

I never heard the words that I wanted to hear from him.  He was much too sick for that.  But I did watch as he raised his hands in prayer, mumbled something, and pointed to Heaven.  I believe that Christ did come and that He did accept our Lord as His Savior.  Of course, I will never know until I get to Heaven but the one thing I can state today, is that the Lord has opened my mouth through this blog. And as I write I am praying that many women that know Him and that are yet to know Him, will seek Him and accept Him as their Savior!

I have learned that my silence was a sin and that my voice is a blessing to the Lord.  Don't sit in silence, show Christ, reach out to people, love them and speak to them about the Lord that saved your life.  We are all sinners, men and women, needing a Savior.  I don't care what religion you come from or what culture you were raised in, Christ wants all people to come before Him.  We will one day anyway and I want to be able to say that I spoke with the Holy Spirit's guidance and that many saw Him and worshiped Him.  We all have the power of the Cross behind us. No one is special but if you are feeling called today to have a voice, speak!  You may get rejected or you may watch as someone accepts our Savior.  And even if you never get to hear the words, you planted the first seed.  Chew on that for awhile!

Ezekiel 34 11-16   NKJV:

    'For thus says the Lord GOD: "Indeed I Myself will search for My sheep and seek them out.  As for a shepherd seeks out his flock on the day he is among his scattered sheep, so will I seek out My sheep and deliver them from all the places where they were scattered on a cloudy dark day.  And I will bring them out from the peoples and gather them from the countries, and will bring them to their own land; I will feed them on the mountains of Israel, in the valleys and in all the inhabited places of the country.  I will feed them in good pasture, and their fold shall be on the high mountains of Israel.  "There they shall lie down in a good fold and feed in rich pasture on the mountains of Israel.  I will feed My flock, and I will make them lie down," says the Lord GOD.  " I will seek what was lost and bring back what was driven away, bind up the broken and strengthen what was sick; but I will destroy the fat and strong, and feed them in judgement."

I love the analogies in the Bible around sheep.  We are truly a scattered herd.  There is so much turmoil in this world and everyone is looking in all the wrong places.  People are plunging into darkness but even in the Old Testament the Lord was saying, "I will gather my sheep."  We are all his sheep and if we truly love Christ, then we must stand on faith that if He calls; we must follow.  What's the worst thing that can happen?  Someone tells you they don't believe or that you are strange or in need of psychiatric care?  Who cares, the Lord came for the lost, we sought Him and accepted Him.  As of December, I stopped caring what people thought of me and really began to live for Jesus!  Take a step on faith, you'll be surprised how freeing it feels to not only believe in Jesus but to walk with Him, boldly!

My prayer today:

Lord, I call upon you to bless the women that read this blog and for those that have yet to be revealed.  We are all sheep, scattered and in need of a great shepherd.  Thankfully, you came to me in my need and revealed yourself upon me.  I am a changed woman and as others seek you; I pray you will change them too.  Thank you for giving me the opportunity to speak through You and I pray that You would be revealed in a mighty way through these words.  I ask you to forgive me for my sins and for every word on this blog to be Yours!  I am humbled by Your awesome power and the love that You have for all Your sheep.  I pray many races, many cultures, many women would come to know You as I have.  May I continue to speak in a mighty way and please protect all of us as we follow You.  AMEN

Until tomorrow...

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