Friday, May 31, 2013

May 31, 2013

Good morning my sisters-

I hope today finds you well.  I had one of those days yesterday.  The kind that make you rise up and you're already weary.  I had several bad dreams, not sure what they were but they woke me in the middle of the night and then it was a very full day.  I actually thought I would catch up but it was the exact opposite.  I also lost an account and that hurt.  I thought I could get it but we were too high in our pricing.  I hate to lose and then I thought of Jesus.  How many times has he been frustrated because His hand went out and the person He was extended it too, simply walked away?

Being a sales person is everything I ever wanted.  I love to take care of people and when you can fit a product to a person and meet their needs you feel like you've done something important.  I love being in the thick of helping solve problems and although, I didn't solve this one customers needs; I will someday.

I think that life holds many of these challenges and I wonder how often we just give up.  I guess I could throw my hands in the air and give up but that's just not in my DNA.  I never played sports so many would not consider me competitive.  But down deep, I really am.  I want to win and I want to win for Jesus.  The only problem is sometimes I have to be careful that my pride doesn't over-ride His will.  I'm just a person and He makes me successful, not the other way around.

So with that, I will continue to persevere.  I will find the light in the darkness and thank Him for every lesson that leads me back to Him.  Jesus is my rock, my foundation and my deliverer.  If I have Him, losing one account isn't that bad.  I will just have to work hard at finding other opportunities.  That's what makes my line of work exciting, frustrating and worth it.  For in the end, I will serve many people and I will remember yesterday as a loss of a customer but someday, they will come to me and I will be ready to serve them.

That's what Jesus does for us.  He never gives up.  He pursues us even when we don't want Him any where around and He continues because He loves us.  I can't imagine what it was like to love the Israelites, David, Solomon, Rahab, Job, Isaac, Peter, Paul, and Judas.  But in the end, God did love all of them.  He pursued them, walked with them and wanted them for eternity.  That's why He sent His only Son to bear our sins on that cross.  The love that God has for us extends farther than our imagination.  His perseverance goes farther than any athletes strength and His love reigns for thousands of years.  That's what I call amazing!  Our God, moving towards us for millions of years while we disappoint, sin and blasphemy His name.  We don't deserve one tear and yet, we get more than the eye can imagine, someday we get Him and heaven.  Wow!

So if you're feeling defeated, I know the feeling but place your eyes on the prize.  The prize isn't being the best athlete or salesperson. It doesn't revolve around being the best girlfriend, the best wife or the best mother.  It simply revolves around Jesus, stand still and see the most amazing person that ever lived!  He's pursuing you, are you ready?

Look up Scripture around perseverance today.  There are many.  If I have time over lunch I will slide one in here for you.  Be blessed!

My prayer today:

O, Lord, I know that my success in life comes from You.  You have placed me in a position that serves others and I want to continue to be a servant unto You.  You guide my every step and You reward me when You see fit.  I am Your servant, living on this earth not to fulfill my worldly desires but to fulfill Your eternal plan.  You have set in motion Your love upon my life and that love I want to spread all through the world.  The woman that come before You that ask for You to be in their lives; I pray that You would bless them and make them Yours. Trials may come and we may falter but please continue to pursue us and never give up.  For in our hearts, there is only One God, that is You.  Be with all of us today and remind us that there is something waiting far beyond today and that's You!  We are indebted to You Lord, for hanging on a cross, for carrying our burdens and for walking beside us in our humanness.  Bring us closer to You as we come before You.  We need You today.  Fortify us with Your will and give us the strength to be more than our sins.  Forgive us for our trespasses and lead us not into temptation.  We want to be one with You, pure as the driven snow.  Thank You for reminding me daily that You are the King of my life and any success that comes my way, comes from You.

Until tomorrow.

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