Thursday, May 9, 2013

May 9, 2013

Good morning all-

Well yesterday I got the nicest post on my timeline.  Thank you to Manda for the encouragement and the words.  It's sometimes hard sitting on this end and not knowing if your words made a difference in someones life and then, I got the most beautiful note.  You made my day and encouraged me greatly.

Yesterday had all the ups and downs of most days.  I was traveling from Chicago, dealing with personnel issues and trying to catch up with old friends.  Being in the airport allows you to do some of that.  I came home to my son's wonderful girlfriend cooking and we have even named one of my ovens after her.  She likes the lower oven, so now it's hers.  I felt very blessed yesterday for many reasons but these are just a few.

While Saras was cooking for me and the family, my husband's half sister called.  She is the one that lost her mother to suicide in October.  I could tell something was wrong when I heard her voice.  I immediately started praying for her because I thought it might be from the pregnancy.  Well my fears were laid to rest when she shared with me that her 3 year old is lying and got in trouble at the babysitters.  He also has started the kicking of her stomach.  Oh, the joy of raising boys!  I know the signs well so I just listened and then, like my mother before me, I tried to comfort, give some advice and tell her what a great mom she is.  She has done a wonderful job with her son but like all humans we have a side that isn't always pretty.  I think she's worried that he will turn out bad but as we all know there are moments when we as parents must take control of our little monsters.

He really isn't being that bad.  He just needs to be reigned in and she had already set some things in motion.  I guess he watches Ninja Turtles and Batman cartoons. Those are gone and now he probably will have time outs in his room away from her if he continues to lie.  He follows her everywhere she goes so that will be a killer.

The kicking, well that's a whole other story.  I gave her advice on that too and I think that he will be straightening up very soon.  You can never allow a boy child to think he has power.  The power they feel will intensify and then you really will have a mess on your hands.  Thankfully, I had gone through it twice so my advice is solid and tried.

The word that came through loud and clear to me is encouragement.  We must encourage one another in our lives, in our walks and in Jesus.  We must stand by our sisters and help when they are broken.  We must lift them up when they are weak and we must pray when they can't.  Encouragement is part of love.  If we give people encouragement, they will feel love.  I wasn't down about writing this blog but it is hard to write every day and not hear from anyone.  So hearing from someone that I have encouraged her encourages me.

This life is hard any way you slice it.  It only takes a minute to make someone feel special.  One word can change a persons whole outlook on life.  Encouragement is what makes us all fulfill our destinies so lets encourage one another in our faith and in Jesus.  We need Him to guide us, love us and every word He spoke reminds us of His love.

May today find you well and for all of you that need encouragement, call a friend or family member.  They will lift you up and pray for you, just as I am today.  Thanks again Manda, it meant a lot!

2 Thessalonians 2:16 NIV

May our Lord Jesus Christ himself and God our Father, who loved us and by his grace gave us eternal encouragement and good hope,

My prayer today:

O, Lord, guide us in our encouragement.  Help all of us be the women you need to encourage the future generations.  We lift up those serving you in various charities.  We lift up organizations that help the homeless, the hurting and the addicted.  We lift up those that are spreading Your word among the nations.   Our prayer today is that women would begin to stand with You, fighting for our future generations.  We are individuals with the need to be loved, one way we can feel love is to spread Yours among the nations.  I stand before You today Lord asking You to continue to guide us to You.  Help us to honor and cherish Your words and give us faith that moves mountains.  We are weak but You are strong, hear our cry, O, Lord and grant us the ability to encourage the lost.  We need You in our lives and we are so grateful for the people You have placed in our lives.  Continue to grow us in You and Your word and help us be the soldiers You need to fulfill the promises You made.  We thank You for granting us with Your presence and for hearing Your voice.  We love You Lord!  Be with us today as we make hard decisions.  Your help is always welcome.  In Jesus name, AMEN

Until tomorrow...

(I don't have time to re-read this today so sorry for any errors.  I love you all!  Be blessed)

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