Tuesday, May 7, 2013

May 7, 2013

Good morning all-

Well I landed safely in Chicago, drove in rush hour traffic for an hour and finally got to Indiana.  It makes me appreciate the short drive to work every day.  I have been all over the US and it's always amazing to me that we can post a 55 mile/hr speed sign and go 75.  I felt like I was on a race track and I was the one that was going to cause the crash, so I sped up and got here about 30 minutes earlier than I was supposed too.

It got me thinking how crazy life is.  One minute you're a teenager hating the world and the next you could be half of the populations mother.  It is hard enough just to realize that with each breath, life has changed and it will continue to change.  I love being on the roller coaster, however, there is a time to go 70 and there's a time to go 55.  Today is the day I choose to go slow and enjoy every bit of life.

Soon I will be off to a meeting.  I love being back with the people I worked so hard with.  They are like old friends and catching up has been wonderful.  I am still learning and trying to figure out which step I must take to be God's woman but at least I'm back, writing, praying and seeing old friends.  What a blessing God has bestowed on my life.

On top of all that we are approaching Mother's Day.  We take one day a year to honor a lifetime of committment, sacrifice, and love.  We go 90 to nothing and then we slow down for one day and say thank you to the woman who watched over us.  Crazy!  But then that's life and we must move with the tides.  My only bit of advice for you is if your mother is alive, tell her you love her.  Spend quality time with her if you can and honor her with your affection and love.  She deserves it.  It's part of the commandments but it's so much more.  I didn't get the honor of watching my mom finish her 60's but the time I had with her was so very precious.  My sons are who they are because of her and every day I see them becoming everything I hoped they be; I whisper thank you God and thank you mom for loving them.

No matter where you live or what you're doing you can honor someone this weekend.  It doesn't have to be your mom.  It could be a lady in your church, a widow or a stranger but take the time to honor someone because we can never love enough.

Take care my sisters and know I'm praying for all of you. Please pray for me too.  This last year has had challenges far beyond what I can say on a blog.  I continue to hold onto Jesus and I hope that by doing so, He will minister to my heart.  I have many flaws and one is that I don't spend enough time looking at the beauty before me.  Hopefully, today will remind me to do so.

(no time to correct mistakes but will be back tonight, sorry for the grammatical or spelling errors)

1 Thessalonians 5:11 NIV:

     Therefore encourage one anotehr and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing.

My prayer today:

O, Lord, I come before You this morning and thank You for the wonder that You are.  I would be nothing without You.  As I look at the sky, the trees and the people, help me to see You in every living creature and as we approach Mother's Day, remind all of us that love heals all wounds.  I'm just a lowly servant, hoping for the Lord of life to come into my soul and make me His woman.  I continue to falter but I know You are near.  Grow us up to be mighty warriors that speak and honor You.  We are a restless generation, with lots of evil pulling at us.  Hold our eyes to You and to the promises You have made in Scripture.  Help us to look upon the Word for wisdom that has spanned the test of time.  Lead us by still waters and fill our hearts with Your love.  Walk with us as we fall and give us strength when we are weak.  We need You Lord and today we bow our heads and say,"You Lord are our light, our salvation and our peace.  Come into us in a mighty way!" In Jesus name, AMEN

Until tomorrow....

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