Tuesday, September 17, 2013

September 17, 2013

Good morning all-

I attended a funeral yesterday of the mother of the men who were on the mountain with my brother.  As I watched the casket go up to the front, I thought of the pain they must be going through. On a huge screen were pictures that said a thousand words and I thought, what we would all give just to have one more day.

As Natalie Grant's song played I'm in better hands now, my eyes began to tear up.  These men have been through so much.  They watched as their best friend plummeted thousands of feet, climbed down the wrong side of the mountain to retrieve his body and came home to tell my parents how very sorry they were.  It's been 7 years and still the day is etched in their memories.  Similar to Matt's death, their mom fell down a flight of stairs and 11 days later was gone.

The pictures alone could have made me cry but the words that her son spoke made tears come more readily.  He talked of a sacrificial mom who worked full time as a nurse but would bake and sew and give whenever her sons asked.  She was a kind woman, a strong woman and a woman who would leave a legacy.  Neither one of her sons are married or have children yet but I bet after yesterday they are thinking about making the plunge and leaving their legacy.

As the minister talked about the grace of Jesus all I could think about what she was in heaven with Matt  and that they were united and like her son here on earth he would watch over her.  Every year, for the last 7 years, Kurt has brought my mom (when she was alive) and me the most beautiful hibiscus.  I get one every year and on July 2, 2013 there was the most beautiful pink one sitting on my porch.  All I can say is that I wish I could take their pain, I know it well.  The fateful day when they pronounce your parent gone for eternity and even though you know they are with God, you mourn just the same.

They will throw themselves into work, just as I have.  They will fill endless hours with nonsense just so they don't have to think about how much they miss her  and they will have breakthrough moments when they hear her voice. Kurt's letter ended with this, "God has a plan."  These were words his mom spoke on many occasions and although they are hard to hear in your grief, God truly has a plan.

In this life there are times we must all suffer loss.  It never feels good but somehow it can make us stronger, more loving and give us greater faith that tomorrow the sun will rise and our purpose will be fulfilled.

Our time is now and the call is great.  Always take an opportunity to love someone.  Today is the only day we can be sure of and even then what if tomorrow never came.  I'm challenging myself to leave a legacy like my mom and Kurt's mom.  They made love an every day word and they both believed that God truly had a plan.  I pray that God would lead you to your purpose and that you would reach out to someone who needs to be loved today.  There's enough hurting people in this world to fill several countries.  Spread the Gospel, it's the light we all need!

I'm off on another business trip today but I would encourage you to spend some time in Acts.  God really does show a piece of His plan.  It's where love met the church and the Gospel began to spread through word of mouth and miracles.

Be well my sisters and know I'm praying for you.  Please don't forget to pray for Syria and Egypt, there's enough sorrow, fear and war going on there that our prayers are very needed!

Until tomorrow.

(sorry no time to re-read this blog so forgive the errors)

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