Sunday, September 29, 2013

September 29, 2013

Good morning all-

What's the one thing that should be on our mind daily but with the hustle and bustle of life it takes a back seat? The question is rather obvious, Jesus. My pastor always says that it's the things we spend our time on that matter the most to us.  For me, it's job and family and if I get a moment to myself Jesus.  That's backwards and as many times as I've tried to correct it, the order continues, the pattern is set and my life becomes my idol.

Idols are dangerous because they aren't necessarily about a golden calf, they really represent every day life, such as, our jobs and families. I've always heard our priorities should be God, husband, family, and then job.  For a mother who wants to be one but has to work, how much time is really spent on God and husband?

I'm a realist and believe in being real and truthful.  Getting up at 5:30 am is really the only time I have to be with the Lord, one on one.  I think about Him during the day and I love Him but most of the time my dedication is about 30 minutes a day.  Not much time when your building a relationship, right?

I'm not one to preach about how much time we spend in our Bibles or meditate on His word or even going to church three times a week.  I'm about finding Him in everything I do, learning to seek Him and building a relationship that will matter long after I'm gone.  My life begins befor the sun rises and ends about 9:30 pm and normally, I have run out of energy and just want to close my eyes. I don't lead a glamorous life; it's more like a servants life and when I'm wore out there's no time for anything but sleep. Does that make me a person that loves Jesus less? I don't think so, it just makes me a person that realizes that more time should be spent with the Lord, right?

We could all watch a little less television, read less, take out needless distractions and concentrate on Him more.  Realizing that we have idols helps us put them into perspective and forge a new path.  Our lives are not about being perfect, they're about being perfected. Jesus knows the distractions we face and why they are put there. It's time we ask Him to multiply our time so we can focus on what matters.

My goal is to build a relationship with Jesus.  How I go about doing that is between Jesus and me.  If you're  feeling convicted, don't feel sad, figure out what you can do to spend 15 more minutes with Him, luckily you can spend time with Him everywhere.  May God bless you today and keep you.  He's worth our time, even when we don't have any.  Be well my sisters and know that I am praying for You.

     Dear children, keep yourselves from idols. (1 John 5:21 NIV)

My prayer today:

The Lord looks upon His flock and asks Himself, "When  will they come?"  He knows the answer already but do we?  I often marvel at Your patience with people like me.  How do You wait until we step out of our lives and bow to Your feet?  I'm finding it hard to be patient with myself. I know better but still when life is moving so fast, I find my time becomes more mine than Yours. Today, I ask forgiveness to a friend that always waits. I pray that You will see my heart and know how much You mean to me.  I pray that You will multiply my time and the time of those that love You.  Help us give up something that holds our hearts and replace it with You!  Lord, we come before You asking You to be in relationship with us. Destroy the golden calf in our lives and replace it with love and wisdom. We are nothing without You. Convict us of our sins and enlighten us to Your will.  We bow down today to our Maker, our Father, our Friend. In Jesus name, AMEN

Until tomorrow...

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