Thursday, March 20, 2014

How do we start preaching the Word?

Good morning my dear sisters-

Have you ever wondered how we begin to preach the Word?  I did.  I haven't gone to Bible college and I'm definitely not a theologian so I have often wondered how I was being called to proclaim Jesus.  I have felt pulled for many years.  I always loved to write and had the ability but I thought I would write fiction.  Never did I believe that I would be sitting down writing about Jesus.

Well as you all know that changed a couple of years ago.  I began to write after I realized my faith was my own and I wasn't speaking it to the people around me.  I'm sure it was evident but I was too afraid to proclaim Jesus, especially in public.  My dad dying in the hospital is really what changed me and made me strong enough to reach the masses through my writing.

As I have prayed one thing has been made clear to me, there are those that read their Bibles and those that remember Scripture but in many they have no real prayer life.  My son has read the Bible from cover to cover three times, has memorized hundreds of Scriptures but every time we talk about prayer he says it's hard for him. I get that.  Prayer is personal.  It's part of a true relationship with The Lord.  I, however, have been praying since I was little.  It's so natural that it has become the thread to my soul.  I pray in the morning, as I'm driving, in the grocery store, while I do laundry and just about whenever I feel the Spirit come over me.  It is a vital part of  my day and a vital part of this blog.

Through prayer, God has given me a heart for women in every nation.  Now for someone that isn't always adventurous even I have to wonder, why me?  Well God often takes us out of our comfort zone and puts us in places that are uncomfortable.  It's just what He does.  But in the end, we will flourish if it's what He wants.  So I have taken a step of faith and will be working on getting a book published.  It has always been a dream.  Writing is one of the most relaxing things I do in my day and I will hopefully be doing it a lot in the years to come.  Right now though I have to go to work so unfortunately my time is up.  Be well my sisters and pray, pray, pray for your direction.  I don't know what God has in store but either will you without some powerful prayer time.  Preaching His word comes from boldness, courage and prayer.  No one will listen unless you believe what you speak.

You who answer prayer, to you all people will come. (Psalm 65:2 NIV)

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