Saturday, April 2, 2016

Do you hear the birds and what do they tell us?

Good morning my sisters-

While Kansas is trying to figure out if it's spring or fall, I'm here under a blanket, next to the heater and drinking my third cup of chocolate coffee.  I have just finished a page in my book and heard a beautiful sound out of my front door.  The sun is rising and the light was shining in but that's not what captured my first awakening that life was about.  What captured my attention was the singing from all the birds flocking to get water from our water fountains and bird seed from the containers my husband fills every week.  And of course, the sound made me think of God and how He loves when all His creatures are singing to Him.

One birds chirp and then another and another reminds us all that God is good and that He takes care of all the little creatures.  How do birds protect themselves from the wind and cold?  How do they find food when the earth hasn't been rained upon for days?  How do they distinctly know that spring is here?  I wonder all those things, don't you?  And yet, it is spring, they are singing and reminding all of us that life is all around and we should sing too!

My mother had a fascination with birds.  She loved to watch them clean themselves, pick out feathers, eat and of course she loved the choir.  We had fourteen parakeets if not more, running the house and making it full of song.  She hated seeing them caged and eventually let them fly free.  She was a neat freak so I would see her cleaning everything, several times a day.  Somehow no one ever got a bird dropping on their heads or clothes.  Not sure how that didn't happen but as children we were very glad. 

My fondest memory of birds and my mom was in the spring.  The minute she spotted a robin, she would begin to sing, "I saw my first robin." Not sure what the title is or how the whole song goes now but she would sing it at the top of her lungs and we all knew spring had arrived.  And with it happiness that the earth was coming out of it's sleep to enlighten our lives with song, sun and beautiful flowers.  Spring had come and the newness of all things green made up for all the dark cold days.  That's how I relate to spring, through the song of birds.

So as I sit and write this blog, I'm thinking of my mom.  She's been gone for quite some time but every spring I can feel her touch, see her smile and know that in Heaven she gets to be with all the creatures she loved.  I also am reminded of what God says about the birds.  While thinking about all the changes in my life, the birds remind me that God takes care of them so if He does that for them, how much is He able to do for me?  Well the answer resides in Scripture so as I depart from today's post, I leave you with the Scripture that reminds all of us how much our Lord loves us. Happy Spring wherever you are!

Matthew 6:26 (NIV)
Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they?

Thank you Lord for reminding all of us that You alone take care of every bird and if You take care of them, then you will absolutely take care of us.  As the day unfolds remind us all that we are precious to You and that Your daily provision is all we need.  In Jesus name we pray!

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