Saturday, August 10, 2013

August 10, 2013

Good morning my sisters-

Well, I'm up at the crack of dawn, 5:30 am to be exact, because I have a million things to do.  My sister-in-law is having a baby girl in just a few weeks.  I'm decorating the house pink, which is unique because the boys way outnumber the girls in this family.  The double stroller is bought and the food will be done by 9:30.  I still have to go to the grocery store and pick up more things but for the most part that will be pretty easy.

I've got boys spending the night, so good thing I don't need the downstairs and the cakes should arrive by 10:30.  My co-worker and his wife made them and their dog ate half of one when they stepped out of the room. Soon my house will be full of women, laughing and having a great time.  We will all be in anticipation of baby Willis's birthday.  It's a time of celebration and awe at what God has done!

Every child that is born is special.  A child born is a soldier for God's army.  He will choose His leaders and His soldiers way before they come out of the womb.  Just like John the Baptist was chosen to talk of the one before Him, many will come and walk this earth proclaiming Christ.

In our own family, a true blessing came on Austin's birthday.  Austin's girlfriends family welcomed little Isaac yesterday at 7.5 pounds and a week late.  His mom is the tiniest little thing you can imagine.  Her stomach looked like an alien had nested for nine months.  Of course, it wasn't an alien; it was a child of God.  The most amazing thing is the joy that his birth brought.  Saras was grinning from ear to ear and Austin sat across the table beaming that his birthday was being shared with another little human being and it just happens to be Saras and her families great gift.  My gift was him.

As I sat at the table yesterday, I looked at my sons across the table and remembered every moment of the pregnancy (not that I was a great pregnant person), every hour I was up and every moment of anticipation until they laid in my arms.  I wonder if God is anticipating things too.  What will His children do as He sets them on this earth?  Will they choose Him or follow their own evil?  Of course, He knows all but He has given us those feelings, obviously cherishes relationships or we would be robots, so the anticipation has to be there, right?  I guess that's a question for when I'm at His feet but for now, I love to think that God is in heaven, watching over these miracles and anticipating the great work they will do.

In the quiet, I cherish the hours I have had to raise my family.  It hasn't been easy and I've made lots of mistakes.  The ideals I brought to the table of motherhood were washed away as I got up every two hours for 4 years.  Flash forward 23 years and I wish I could say that I did everything right but that would surely be a lie.  I have done the best I could and in the end, if my sons choose to follow Christ all their days, I have done a good job.  There are things I had no control over, like needing to work, not being here sometimes and maybe not making them do chores as much as I should have.  As I look upon the time, I find that they had great grandparents that watched over them, their needs were met and they have been very loved.  I would give my life for my kids, just like Jesus, who contemplated His life, He gave it all for the ones He loved.  I will never understand how a man did that.  We definitely didn't deserve His sacrifice. If I chose to put myself in front of my children to protect them, it would be instinct.  Jesus put Himself in harms way because He knew His life and death would bring forth victory!

One baby, one savior!  One event that changed the course of you and me.  Without the birth and death of Jesus there would be nothing for me to write.  His birth was a great joy for Mary and Joseph and His death was a great sorrow.   His love for us is more than anything we will ever fathom.  I love my sons but He loved a world of sinful, underserving people.  I cherish my salvation and thank Him every time He brings another soldier into His army.  Every day, babies are being born.  Take a moment today and pray for them.  Ask the Lord to guide their parents, bring forth people in their lives that will guide them toward Christ and for surrender of will and sins.  They look innocent but soon they will turn into selfish, sinful people.  Remember we were once there.

Thank You to all my sisters all over the world that read this blog.  I love looking at the stats counter and seeing women jumping on everywhere.  If you like these posts, please start commenting.  The support helps me.  Also, if you have a need, please send a request.  I love praying for people and their circumstances.  I  might not be where you are but my prayer is sent to the Chief of staff and I know He has your back.  God bless!!!

Jeremiah1:5 NIV

     "Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations."

Psalm 51:6 NIV

     Yet you desired faithfulness even in the womb; you taught me wisdom in that secret place.

My prayer today:

O, Lord, today is a very special day.  I will hold a shower for a wonderful woman who loves and honors You.  This year has been very tough for her.  The loss of her mother from suicide has taken a toll on her and her sister.  Today, I ask that the things that I have planned for this shower will have meaning.  I pray for wisdom as I pray over this child and mother. I pray that she would be strong through the birth of her child and I pray that the people you have surrounded her with will stand firm and help her.  She will have lots of memories today and as we recant our stories of how special she is and how much her mother loved her and her sister, I pray that they will feel your presence.  I also pray that the women that aren't saved at this event will feel your presence and that they will eventually come to You.  Give me wisdom today as I pray and seek You. I don't just want it to be about gifts and food.  I want it to be a holy fellowship, honoring You and demonstrating the love You have for us all.  Thank You for every mother in the world.  I just pray that You will guide us all to be caretakers of the next generations.  The world is evil with many temptations.  Men are being pulled into sin and women are raising children alone.  You are the Father of this Universe, be with us and guide our steps toward being righteous women that love You.  Let anger and sin fall at our feet and on our lips may we praise Your holy name.  Thanks again for the blessings you bestow on us, we promise to love and guide the bundles of joy you put in our arms.  With all my love, devotion and praise, You are the only one I need. May the promise of the next generation bring song to our mouths and praise to our lips.  In Jesus name, AMEN

Until tomorrow...

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