Friday, August 9, 2013

August 9, 2013

Good morning all-

God is good!  Today is a very special day for my family.  It's the celebration of my oldest son's birthday.  He is 23 years old and on top of it; his age represents the age I was when I found out I carried him.  Time flies and with it comes hardship, pain, sorrow, joy and laughter.  I have had all of those through my years and on the day of his birth; I never thought about the pain.  I only thought about the joy, the laughter and the future.

I am very blessed.  He came to Christ young and has followed a path very few do.  As a matter of fact, he is very rare.  He believes in courtship, honesty, love, commitment and saving himself for the one.  He is amazing.  In today's world, he would be considered a weak man but he doesn't follow the rules of the world; He follows God.

I have watched him grow from a shy, recluse to a man that is working at one of the leading aircraft plants in the US.  I have seen him through the loss of his favorite uncle and of his unbelievable grandparents.  I have seen him dedicate his life to his younger brother, cousins and friends.  I have watched him give of his time just because he loves so much.  He is sacrificial in many ways and that's just one of the beautiful things about my son.

His life hasn't been easy.  Unfortunately, he and my husband struggle to have any kind of relationship.  It is something I'm praying over and hoping God will heal in time.  His loss has been great and often, I think he has put obstacles in his way because of his relationship with his father.  My prayer is that he will be the man he wants to be and not carry the baggage of the relationship he so desires.  Christ has filled a huge gap in his life and so have the men in our church but a father's love a son will always seek.  His father loves him but it's sometimes hard to see.

For all the loss and all the heartache, my son holds the key to this life, Jesus.  He walks with Him and talks with Him.  He has memorized more Scripture in one year than some adults do in a lifetime.  He's working to become God's man and in the future he will become a husband and a father.  I hope that he will continue on with the principles in the Bible and find God, speak of God and live for God.

I, myself have mixed feelings about this year.  He's grown and soon will be finishing college, moving away and working on being a good husband and father.  The times we've had together will be a memory and when I do see him it will be with everyone.  I treasure the moments when we are alone and we can talk about his heart.  Someday, his heart will only be shared with his wife and I will remember how precious our hours and days were together.  My heart hurts but in the end my heart is full of love and laughter and I will get to experience seeing him grow the way God intended.

I have been blessed with two beautiful boys and because they exist I have been a better woman.  My treasure does not lie in them but the blessings they have given me are more numerous than numbers. If I could have asked God for a son, I could never imagined the gift I have now.  He has been the foundation in this family, the mentor to his brother and cousins and the greatest gift I've ever gotten.  My prayer today is for all children to grow from caterpillars to butterflies and as they grow, we will watch the wonders they find in Jesus.

Time flies my sisters and years roll by.  Be grateful for the moments in your life.  They are the memories that you can treasure.  I am so grateful that God bestowed on me my sons and I am especially lucky for my little man, all grown up and now 23.  I pray you are having a great day, praising Jesus and looking at the butterflies in your life.

Isaiah 7:14 NIV:

      Therefore the Lord himself will give you a sign: The virgin will conceive and give birth to a son, and will call him Immanuel.

My prayer:

O, Lord, My Father, thank You for the gift of my sons.  If I could have painted them, I couldn't have brought the beauty to fruition the way You have.  In my womb, all I knew was an empty canvas.  But one day, You chose to bring my oldest into this world and the beauty of that day is forever a memory.  You have watched over him, nurtured him and made him Your man.  My prayer for him is that You will continue to grow Him, fill Him and help Him as He walks with You.  I never deserved the gifts that were given to me and I have often made mistakes.  But when I look upon them, I know that they are Yours more than they are mine.  Teach them Your ways and help me let go as the time draws near. Be with my sisters, all over the world as they struggle with raising Your army.  Give them and me wisdom to teach and nurture Your people.  Fill us with memories we can treasure and remind us that these children are Yours and we just have them for awhile.  Thank You for my children and for making me a mother at such a young age.  I will never forget feeling him for the first time or holding him in my arms.  He has been a true blessing to this family and I will forever be grateful that You made him mine. Take care of the next generation, Lord, be with us as we continue on the path of righteousness.  We need You, forgive us of our sins and bring us to the Kingdom.  In Jesus Name, AMEN

Until tomorrow....

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