Wednesday, August 28, 2013

August 28, 2013

Good morning all-

As I sit and write this morning, many things are going through my mind.  I woke to a dream where one of my brothers passed away, I was going through endless clothes and getting rid of them and all I could feel as I opened my eyes was death.  Maybe you know the feeling, when your heart is racing, you feel desperate and there is an overwhelming sense of loss.  As a young person, I had many bad dreams like this one.  I pictured loss and for many years it paralyzed me in my intimate relationships.  I would picture someone dying so that when they did the pain would be much less.  However, you can never prepare yourself for loss.  I know because I thought I was prepared every time but in reality I never was.

Preparing ourselves for doomsday or for the day when we are going to feel loss is senseless.  In the US there are shows preparing for doomsday.  I don't watch much television but I know that some will do so out of paranoia for the future.  The Bible is specific, "no man will know the hour."  Christ tells us to prepare in a different way.  Only Noah was told to prepare and gather two of every living creature and put them into the Arc.  The rest of us where to walk daily, seeking Him and speaking of His word.  Think on that for a minute.  He told His disciples there would be trouble and He warned of His death.  He spoke of the glory of God and the power His death would have on this earth.  He told us to watch for Him like a thief in the night and always prepare our hearts for His coming.  When?  No one knows.  I can't predict when you will pass on or what your life will hold.  I am not a prophet seeing into events of the future or Noah who was given a Godly command.  I am a woman that has been called by her Maker to sit and write about Him.  I don't know what He will do with these words or who will trip onto this site.  I have no way of knowing what will come into my life or challenge my obedience to Him.  All I know is that if I'm called and if I love Him, I will follow.

Death is the end of what we were but it's not the end in what we leave behind.  Our lives can be used by Christ to be a light onto this dark world.  Paul (known as Saul) was there at the stoning of Peter, God's loved son.  He watched as masses of people through the stones that would take his life.  He heard his cry to forgive them as Christ had forgiven Him for denying Him.  He cried to His savior to protect the lost and to give hope for the future.  That day, as Paul was standing there, what do you think was going through his mind?   He believed that He was protecting the law and yet, to watch a man die, stoned to death, had to have an impact.  I know reading it does for me.

My dreams of death and destruction may never leave.  I might always be challenged by death and wake up feeling loss.  I may be on the fence with my feelings and often wonder why I've been called to share the Gospel.  None of it matters.  The only thing that truly matters is that I must follow and seek my God.  He loves me but more importantly, He loves you.  I recognized His love as a young girl but I sought the world to fill the void and loss I felt inside.  My rainbow came when I stood before Christ and gave my life.  He has been my comforter, my shield and my rock.  I may wake to loss someday and I might be challenged in my faith, who knows.  I just pray for protection and ask my Savior to love me through my fears.  The greatest thing about being a Christian is that Christ loves my flaws.  His hands and feet are my sins and He covered me that fateful day on the cross.  Until my last breath, I will thank Him for saving me.  Maybe that's why I love "Amazing Grace" so much.  What other worldly god loves a man for his flaws?  If you don't know Christ and you have stumbled upon this entry, I hope you read it and I hope, like Paul, you see Christ as the only way to being whole.  Many died for our rights to know Him.  I am thankful to the disciples for hearing the call.  I'm saved because someone cared enough to share God's grace to me.  I will never claim to be sinless because I know I always have the potential to sin.  However, I have a Savior that loves me so much; He gave his life for me and you.

Take care my sisters and know that God is with us.  He is the Holy Trinity, One God in three parts.  If you don't know who Christ is and was, please seek out a Christian or a church in your area.  I know for some it is tough.  There are countries that don't have the freedom to worship Christ.  And for those of you that know Him and follow Him, pray for a revival. WE NEED ONE!

I don't have time right now to put Scripture in but if you look at Acts 7:2-36 NIV, I think you will get a great picture of what I've talked about today.  His hand is mighty, His glory is above all things and He will reign!

Until tomorrow...

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