Saturday, September 15, 2012

September 15, 2012

Have you ever tried to look for a Scripture and you can't find it?  Even with my Bible application on my phone, I sometimes can't find what I'm looking for.  But today as I was contemplating all the things God has been revealing to me, Matthew 18:20 NKJV popped up.  This has been a Scripture I have repeated to many but because I haven't memorized many Scriptures, I couldn't remember the exact verbiage and therefore, couldn't find this Scripture.

That brings me to another point, memorization.  I am going to challenge myself to pick a Scripture once a week and memorize it.  If for nothing than to know the word on my tongue.  I'm pretty good at finding it but how awesome will it be when I can recite it word for word.  So, I am hoping that you will join me and as you accomplish a Scripture, you will comment on this blog.  I want to hear from you so that I can know what God is putting on your heart.  Right now, all I know is what He's putting on mine.

And what He has been putting on my mind, is women.  Women all over the world, in every nation, that desire to know Him.  He has encouraged me morning after morning to have a heart for His people and to write about Him.  He has asked me to pray for all His flock because we are the mothers, the wives the grandmothers and the caretakers of the next generations.  We are important in History and will continue to be important until He comes back.  We are the ones that stood at the cross and went to the tomb.  We are the ones that were faithful when the men were to scared.  He gave women the courage and the fortitude to worship Him and I believe He calls us to stand with our men and fight this holy battle.  We are helpmates and very needed today.  If you don't feel important, look at your friends, your husband, your children or go to any location dealing with children and you will see the need.

More importantly, we are needed to be on our knees.  We need to be in the presence of Christ so that we can take care of those that need Him.  We are warriors in our own right.  We may not have swords and shields like in the gladiators age but we do; because we have prayer, faith, and the word.  What a powerful trio, don't you think?

The best way to come together in prayer is with two or more.  Why?  Because God does hear our prayers and it's powerful when we pray.  Haven't you ever united with someone and seen a miracle?  I have.  And over the last couple of years, I have sent out prayer requests for a young man who shouldn't be walking and he is and I have prayed for women that are close to me to heal their marriages, or their health or their hair.  I have prayed for my husband and my marriage and of course, I have prayed for my children.  I have prayed for the young girl I mentor who is now courting my son and what a blessing that is in my life.  I have prayed for the sick, the hurting and the unsaved.  I prayed for my father to know Jesus and in all these prayers, I have asked other women to unite with me.  I have called on two or three of my friends to unite with me and in the case of my dad, I called on my church family.  I know the power of prayer and I know when the trials are tough it takes more than me.  God hears all prayers and He answers all prayers.  But keep in mind, the answer might not be the one you're looking for.  His ways are the best ways even if we can't see it in the moment.

One of the other lessons I have learned in prayer is that even if I pray for specifics and join my friend in praying for specific things; I ask God to align my will and the will of those around me to His will.  How do I know if I'm praying for the right thing?  It looks right to me but only God knows what's right.   So I continue to be faithful and ask for His will to be done.  And of course it always is.  It's a comfort that the people I pray for are not my responsibility.  They belong to Christ and it is through Christ the prayers will be received and answered.

If you know of someone in need of prayer, call a few friends. You don't have to tell them the circumstances if it's highly personal, that would be gossip and we don't want to do that.  We want to begin to have a heart for the hurting and unite when God calls us too.  There are millions that need to be saved, fed, loved, healed and prayed for.  This is a career that could last a lifetime.  So, before you leave this blog today, pray for the hurting, the lost, and if you know of someone that needs prayer, pray.  If you would like me to join you in prayer, comment on this blog and I will join you too.  For our prayers are heard in heaven and that's all the reassurance we need.  Christ will take care of the people, we just need to be on our knees for them.

Be of good cheer my friends and pray for one another.  There is no greater way to be a good friend than to pray.  If you think about it, someday, when we are on the streets of gold, people we don't even know may walk up to us and say, "Thanks for the prayers."  I know I will be thanking many but I will especially thank Jesus Christ who loved me and never left me.  His will on my life is my bread and I pray that He would continue to reveal to me my next steps.  Have a wonderful day.

Matthew 18:19-20 NKJV:

     "Again, I tell you that if two of you on earth agree about anything you ask for, it will be done for you by my Father in heaven. For where two or three come together in my name, there am I with them."

My prayer today:

O, Lord, I come before You with women all over the world.  We are praying for people to find You.  We are asking that You would bring peace in the world, calm the financial storm and help us all to remove the cloak of apathy.  We want Jesus to be known from coast to coast and from ocean to ocean.  There is no one like You.  Generations are dying from Aids and violence.  We are losing good men to war and others are dying in terrorists attacks all throughout the world.  We are just women, with not much power, but we do have You Lord and our power comes through You, the cross and our prayers.  So today, we are uniting for a fallen world, we are binding evil and asking that You would place on our hearts the needs of Your people.  Help us to be good stewards of the things You have given to us and help us raise the next generations.  We realize that we are sinful and that we must ask for Your forgiveness. So we come before You now knowing that we need to pray. If we hold anything sinful inside, it's hard for us to pray and since we are emotional, we must cleanse our thoughts and our hearts of anything that is not aligned with You.  Lord, we know that You have the power to bring women, men and children, in every nation, to You.  We know that someday, every tongue will confess that You are Lord.  Help us to pray for Your people, for our countries and for ourselves as we try to align our will to Yours.  We need to die to our flesh and the only way we can do that is by putting You first on our minds and in our hearts.  We wander and You herd.  We cry and You wipe our tears.  We sing and You sing with us.  We pray and You hear our prayers.  I know the workers are few but please help those of us that want to spread the word have courage to be bold and fearless.  You have given us a great gift and we thank You for it.  Without You I would be dead but with You I have life.  Today is a day we rejoice in Your sacrifice.  Hear our prayers, O, Lord and help us win the battle!  In Jesus name, AMEN

Until tomorrow...

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