Sunday, September 2, 2012

September 2, 2012

I started my day by making a cup of coffee and taking a shower and before I knew it, my head was back into Beth Moore's study on "Stepping Up."  You would think that I would have the patience to wait but this study has me thinking about all the emotions and revelations the Psalms have in them and I'm like a kid in the candy store, waiting for what God will reveal next.

Once finished, I got down on my face again and prayed to the Lord.  Nothing like bellyaching to the Lord on your face?  You might be laughing right now but try it.  I want to laugh much more than I want to complain to God.  Mainly because I am on my knees, face down with my bottom straight up in the air, thank goodness I have been watching what I eat and exercising, and even at that I try to do it when no one is awake.  I'm sure you get the picture!

Anyway, the Psalms have been where I go during my darkest moments.  I find comfort in the words of old.  They aren't much different today.  We still have soldiers fighting battles, temptation is all around and if we aren't looking up; we simply fall prisoner to ourselves.  Depression, anger, frustration, defeat, these are all things we face today.  But for me, I love the other part.  I like when David sings God's praises, believes that God will move mountains, and cherishes every day with his God.  David had problems, just like all of us today, but he hoped and prayed for a brighter future for himself and those that he served.

Do you believe in a brighter future?  Can you see tomorrow in a different light?  If you are currently in distress or frustrated probably not.  But there will be a brighter future, God promises that.  He promises that we won't stay in our situation.  He changes it, when and where, who knows but when God is ready to change, He does.  The key is if we are ready to let Him change it.  Women get in their heads far more than men.  They rarely see the bigger picture and when hardship comes that's all we can concentrate on.  My friend Michelle could probably express this more eloquently.  She fights every day just to get up and take care of her family.  Days of trial, went into months, and then a year and now almost 20 months later, she is still in the battle.  But every day she sits and reads her Bible, she cries out to Christ and says, "Woe is me." Never has she given up the fight, nor has she denied God.  She continued to look for Him and I can honestly say, I think she's found Him again.  Trials can beat you down, people can disappoint and the world can heap a ton of garbage on us but at the end of the day, Christ is in us, loving us and calling us.

That's why I love David so much.  He was honest with every emotion he had and so were the other psalmists.  They didn't let anger, frustration or anything else beat them down.  They found a way to look up!  They stepped up and asked God to heal a nation, bring peace among men and to provide for the people and He did.  What are we waiting for then?  Cry out to God today and tell Him your woes.  He's waiting and inviting each one of us to share with Him our darkest thoughts and our hearts. You might not even know that you carry woes in your heart but look and see what God reveals.  If you're not singing His praises today, something is weighing you down.

Psalm 142 :2 NKJV:

     I pour out my complaint before Him; I declare before Him my trouble.

Do you see anyone else in this Psalm?  We sit down and complain to our spouses, our boyfriends and our friends but at the end of the day, we are to pour out our complaint to Him and only Him.  They can't fix what is broken but Jesus can.  Just like David, we must seek and find Christ right where we stand or like me today, on my face, in the office, with my bottom in the air.  Thank goodness He loves me and lets me come to Him face down!  I hope this weekend is bringing many blessings.

My prayer today:

O, Lord, You know my heart and the hearts of those that read this blog.  They are seeking You and so am I.  I am looking for answers only You can give and as I think upon my circumstances, I know that we should bring all our complaints to You.  For those that are complaining, please help them see themselves better and give them Your vision for their lives.  Healing begins when we look for You and the only way anything will ever change, is if we allow You to change it.  So, I come before You today, once again surrendering my will to Yours.  I believe that You can and will protect our families and that if we pray, You hear us.  I know that not every prayer will be answered in my time.  Please keep us close as we look for You and help us not to complain to others but help us surrender our concerns, fears and complaints to You.  And as always, let those that haven't heard about You, hear today.  No one comes before You until they and You are ready.  Please make them ready to hear Your word and to believe in Your mighty power.  I adore You, Lord, and thank You for my life and for those that seek You.  In Jesus name, AMEN

Until tomorrow...

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