Wednesday, January 18, 2012

January 18, 2012

I am reminded today that life is a journey and when we walk with God; we must believe that He knows best.  Recently, I thought I had sold my parent's house.  I was rejoicing and thanking God.  Within two days, both contracts fell through.  I am sure you can imagine what happened next.  I began to become irritated, worried, and solemn.  Interesting, in a matter of hours, I went from praising Him to falling on my knees with worry.  Do you see the problem in this?

I wonder what people do without Christ.  How do they handle the challenges in life?  I can't imagine not having Christ to go to with all my emotions.  And believe me, I have felt a lot of emotions lately.  We need Christ to guide us and to take us from the pit of despair.  I believe that Christ is calling all of us to be 100% dependent on Him.  That's the only way we are going to know Him more.

I had chosen other Scripture for today.  But due to my circumstances and the lessons I am learning through Christ, I searched for one that would pertain to where I am today.  I chose Psalm 40.

Psalm 40: 1-5 NIV:

     I waited patiently for the LORD;
        And He inclined to me,
        And heard my cry.
        He also brought me up out of a
                     horrible pit,
        Out of the miry clay,
        And set my feet upon a rock,
        And established my steps.
    He has put a new song in my
   Praise to our God;
   Many will see it and fear,
   And will trust in the Lord.
   Blessed is the man who makes the 
                  Lord his trust,
   And does not respect the proud, nor
                  such as turn aside to lies.
   Many, O LORD my God, are Your 
                  wonderful works
   Which You have done

I am reminded today that I am to wait patiently on the Lord.  To trust in Him always and to repent from my worry and my fear.  Today and every day we are to wait upon the Lord.  We are to trust Him in our adversity and we are to know that He is to be praised.  I forget that sometimes.  I stand today before you on this blog asking God to forgive me and to continue building my trust in Him.  He is great and he deserves to be taken out of the box we all put Him in.   Glory, Glory to the Most High!

My prayer today:

Lord help us to stand on our faith and trust in You.  We want to trust in You today no matter what we are facing.  We ask that You give us Your peace and an understanding that goes far deeper than what our minds can comprehend.  Continue to guide us, so that we may know You better.  Please forgive us of our sins and grant us Your hand as we face today.  I trust that You will knock down my giants and that I will walk today in Your light.  Thank you for loving us so much and for your Peace and comfort but more importantly, thank you for being our Father.  AMEN

Until tomorrow....

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